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Wiring....using "The Do It Right The First Time" method...slow but very worthwhile

The wife went away on her girls retreat weekend on Thursday of last week so I had three whole days to bash around in my shop undisrupted! I got a lot done...some more rewarding then others.

First I clean up my shop for the first time in weeks. I can now see my workbench and move around without tripping on stuff! Yeh....victory number 1!

I also invested in some new welding carts which were on sale at the local Princess Auto store so my Tig Welder, Plasma, and Mig welders are now on matching carts and not stored on make shift dollies and shelves. I took it to the extreme too and made special holders for all my welding rod, regulators, tips, and even plumped all the hoses on the carts. I will post some pictures. Victory number 2...I can now find and move everything do do with welding.

Three…well that was also in the shop. but will save me tones of time when it comes to re-assembly of the truck. I assembled my hardware organizer and filled it with all my standard metric and imperial hardware that had been spread out on my one bench in pile. Lots of time spent but it sure looks impressive and it gives me the table back to set up for my wiring harness overhaul.

Four was more project related. I actually finished a few things on the truck. Throttle linkage is done and slick! The rad is now mounted with a really nice rubber lined upper mounting bracket and the hoses are in place. The fans are finished and mocked up in front of the rad and the heater hoses and switching (so important for winter driving) are routed and clamped up.

Five was a victory with little progress. I made the decision to undo some of my original wiring in favour of moving the entire fuse box of the truck to the drivers side along with the battery. The battery was moved to make room for the air cleaner and piping for the V8. I had originally planned to leave the fuse box alone but after planning out the necessary wiring to make everything work it was neater and maybe easier just to rip apart both ford EFI and Toyota main harnesses and re-organize everything to suit a more efficient layout. If your not good a reading wiring diagrams and figuring out circuits DO NOT TRY THIS! I am truly enjoying the time with my head in the books and my tester in hand but many might not! At this point I have the entire two harnesses stripped of tape and placed along side each other in the shell of the cab. I am using a Corolla fuse box (which was better suited for the drivers side and the additional EFI wiring) which I made a custom bracket for on the drivers fender well directly behind the battery’s new location. I've figured out the entire plan for integration and organization of every circuit in the truck on paper and with taped on labels. To the casual observer it looks like a birds nest but this will truly be a master piece when done.

More to follow with pictures!!

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