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After being both offline and no cable for three months I was thirsty for the PowerBlock. So I got Up and guess what no PowerBlock.

Some stupid movie on Spike.

Now we know that Spike has not been right since it became Spike. Back when it was TNN. The PowerBlock Show Trucks hasn't been right since Ed Bruce stopped hosting the shoe or after Stacey David could not get the proper arrangement made. Same with Xtreme 4x4 , I stopped watching that when Jessie Combs left the show.

And those long boots that Courtney Hansen wears, honey you are dressing goofy.

But that said, Horsepower still has horsepower. The one host on there is the same one they started with when it was called Hot Rod TV.

As you can tell I'm a long time viewer. I have just about every episode on VCR tape, since TNN rolled our PowerBlock. Including NHRA Today.

Last I have a suggestion. How about a PowerBlock show for us who love to fly and build hobby real to life airplanes? Can you imagine the excitement of watching the restoration of a F-4-U Corsair being restored? Airtips and so on. Hey aircraft can still run on leaded fuel. So how about it PowerBlock?

L8R ya'll


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