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As most of you know, I have been hooked on the desert racing lately... well, the team I pit for has talked me into my own car, I'm leaving fri morning to go get it, a 22 hour adventure to the wilds of san Degio californina, We found a heck of a deal on a raceco 1600 buggie turn key. It truly wasn't hard to "talk me into it" but I'm a little scared with the money issues that are at hand, but that is why this car is such a steal. This car was a 1st place winner at the 2005 sand flepie 250 in 05 and hasn't been raced since. I will post pics when I get back, in this new step in my life something else comes to a close also, I'm not going to jeep race any more. basicly I'm stepping up from amuture to semi amuture. lol but it should be alot of good times, heck, it's only money right? and we can't take it to our grave, and I really don't want to be sitting in my rocking chair saying, dang, I wish I would have gone desert racing, It was been my dream since I was a very young man, My family says I'm being selfish, They don't want to do long courses, I'm going to take the gamble and see if anyone of them will slide in the seat, "just to try it" and possible be hooked as july is the first desert race to be put on in washington state in many many years, I'm going to make that race, it will be my first ever 200 mile race, Jeep racing is all short course, mostly under 2 minutes, these are hours of brutal poundings and spur of the moment changes in the tracks conditions although the tracks course is only 10 miles long, it will change with ever lap, I mite not make it to the end, but I'm going to give it a try. and if I don't like it as much as I thought I would I will be able to sell the car for more than I will have in it, so, it's a investment in fun right? If you want more info on this race go here. come watch, or join in and if you know me come say hi! or look for pnw motorsports there will be 2 raceco buggies with that logo on it!

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