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We All Rember Our First Car but some of us dont even remember are family names

Hello  all  , here we are the holidays are around the corner  and another car season has ended . I know most of us are already planning the next season .   What I want to remind all of us is  there are many car people out there that can't remember there first car anymore  or more important there family names  they have  Alzheimer's , which is one of the most terrible diseases on earth . I know this first hand because my beautiful mother suffered with it for 10 years  and I was there taking care of her to the end . My only releaf during my cargiving  to mom was the few moments I had restoring my 1970 GTO .   What I would like  to ask all of you in the power block family is what do you think about having a  alzheimer's   tour (run) it would be a great way to raise money  for the fight for a cure  for Alzheimer's . Which is affecting all of us in one way or another .     If you agree please contact  the power block  people and ask them to help make this come true.      Take and I wish all of you fellow power blocker a joyful holiday season . ( DON'T FORGET YOUR LOVED ONCE)

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