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I bought this car because I loved the old school look.
Having previously owned 8 Camaros this was quite a switch. Even though I was a Chevy guy I always appreciated nice cars no matter the make.
So, for 20 grand I get a nice looking ride and even though it has a 6 cylinder it has as much horsepower as the V8s of just a few years before.
I was going to just buy a used Mustang but as I was waiting for my "new" car to get cleaned up my wife kept commenting on the nice Yellow Pony Package car on the showroom, 5 minutes later we decided Yellow would indeed be a great choice.

Even though I had zero intention of getting back into racing I decided a couple of mods couldn't hurt, you know exhaust, intake just to get a couple more ponies out of it. I started looking around the web and quickly realize there is nothing out there for the V6 - This was March 06 and this was only the second model year for this motor car combo. After some searching I come across this guy running nitrous on his 6 and running high 13s in the quarter.

This leads me to the 4.0 Collective website (now, ) and a new friendship with one of the site's owners, Todd. Everything that happens over the next 3 and a half years is all his fault. ;)

The first major mod was a Procharger P1SC running at 12.5# - This netted a best of 12.83@106 at Mason-Dixon. To say I was excited is an understatement, I mean here is my first 12 sec car and it is a V6!
The way the centrifigal blower brings on power lets me run on street tires. In fact the supporting mods at the time only included some very basic aftermarket lower control arms and coil overs with drag shocks. This was still running on the open 7.5 rear end with 3.31 gears.

The next round of mods gets real serious - Ported heads, Cobra valve springs, long tube headers, 8.8 rear with a T-lok. The cams were also reground and a slightly reworked stall was added.
During that season the tune was tweaked and utimatly netted a best of 12.03@115 - Yeah, it's still a V6.

What was great about that setup is the repeatability of the results, that same day there were 8 passes all at 12.1X with a max MPH of 117.

Up until now everything has gone my way, and for some reason I decide it's time to go turbo. I see the results my friends were getting with Powerhouse's turbos ( so I decided it was time to switch, good idea, bad execution. I chose an STS Turbo setup, the best results netted 12.6@107.

I have also run nitrous on this setup with impressive results.

How about back to back 12.0s with short times in the 1.6x range with a 1.59 60 ft.

At this time I decided it was time for a wh*** new approach,everyone was switching to V8s, mainly because it was found the practical limits of the 4.0 was somewhere around mid 11s as anyone running faster was running dual power adders and this ended the careers of more than one V6. Still, a very impressive motor in its own right.

The plan this August is to install a 4.6 4V Cobra motor. The motor is built and I am just sourcing the remaining parts for the swap. This mill features 10:1 Diamond pistons, a prepped Cobra crank and rods.
The heads have had some mild port work with Comp Cams springs finishing off the head work. The cams are stock 98 Cobra pieces. The intake is stock but this is where the first custom part comes in. We had a custom adapter fabbed up to run an 07 GT500 throttle body. We will run a GT500 PCM and wiring, I hope. :)

Well that's all for now. As the build moves on I will update.

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Comment by Rygen on June 26, 2010 at 7:23pm
Great blog!

I think with the cost of a manual valve body, you should just cut to the chase and get the Baumann.

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