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Late one Friday nite in November 2009 an Idiot Crashed into my Truck on the Tailgate.

My Truck ranned down the street about 15' to 18' and it also strucked my wife's Malibu creating big and very expensive dammage to both vehicules.

To agravate matters even more whomever hit my truck also took off making it a Felony Hit and Run.

I jokefully call my Truck "The other woman" brcause I payed too much attention to it from day one. But when I took my wife to see the cars over at the Body Shop Her eyes filled up with tears when she saw... my Truck!

I was surprized because I didn't expected this reaction from Her. So I'm determined to fix HER (The other woman).

Now according to Murphy's Law every thing that can go wrong will go wrong.

My wife developed Myomas in and arround Her Uterous and had a full Hysterectomy on April 12, 2010 one week after I lost my job. Since nobody from her Family was able to come to TX to help me care for her during the day I did. I didn't have a job so...

We got back home from the hospital after she was released to get a letter from the Texas Blood and Tissue Center to let our Younger son know He has Hepatytis C. He's only 19 y.o. and now He needs a lengthy treatment.

So after I got a cheap repair with most used parts and avoiding some repairs so that The other woman would not be scrapped as a total loss (it's still being financed) I got Her back.

There is still a long way to go.

The windshield is cracked.

The right hand side powered mirror is broken beyond repair.

The right hand front fender is scratched from this accident.

The tires are not the size or type I want.

The differential is still an open carrier type.

The paint and pinstripes I planned to redo before this all hell broke loose and now there is no source of income in this head of household.

I will find a job next week but I still know that making the bills paid is going to be hard specially with the health issues in our home. Fixing the Other woman is going to be put on hold for now.

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Comment by Roberto Monroy on May 24, 2010 at 4:15pm
The truck went into the bodyshop today to finish the Front Right Fender... When I pick it up tomorrow I will post the final pics.
My wife is happy and that makes me happy too.

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