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Lets just say I'm not much for cloning.

But truth be told, it's impossible for me to ever own a real GTO Judge. Also, I'm not much for stock restos. Sure, my 'Vette is too nice to modify, and my '67 GTO is rare too, so I may have to just do them stock; but the LeMans, well, all gloves are off.

Why? Because no matter how I look at it, a '70 LeMans isn't cool. Sure, I've seen them done and turn out awesome, but it's not for me. I've always wanted a '70 GTO Judge since I saw "Dazed and Confused" (and saw the real version on one of the first dates with my now-fiancee), and since I can't afford a real one, why not 'clone' my solid LeMans?

But, I don't like clones. They're often done 'wrong', and even if 'correct', some wet blanket likes to rain on the owner's parade. Now let me say that I only build cars for me - I don't care what others think- but it must get annoying hearing the crap and living the stigma of having a 'fake' GTO. So I'm going to be blatant about it and just do an all-out modified build. Correct where GM got it wrong, and just customize it to suit me.

I'm not going to 'tub it, 'cage it, or anything over the top. The paint scheme will be stock-appearing, and the wheel size will be limited to a 15 inch (I love tires, the rubber-band look doesn't do it for me on older stuff). So without further adieu, here's what I'm thinking.

-Orbit Orange with the Judge stripes/emblems. Stock spoiler, Judge chin spoiler, and some kind of five-spoke wheel shall be the exterior theme of this car. It looks like a stock Judge with 'rims', for lack of a better description.

- 400 Pontiac. Semi-wicked camshaft, KRE Aluminum Heads, Edelbrock P-65 dual quad intake, and MSD will power the engine. I'm looking for an 11:1 compression ratio on E-85 if it's available in my region, or use 87cc heads and knock it down to 10:1 if I'm stuck with regular 91 octane.

- Cleaned-up engine bay. I love semi-gloss engine bays. The body color is great for Mopars, but GMs need to retain this stock look, IMHO. I won't smooth the firewall, but I'm going to clean it up. I'll use an A/C delete box to clear the stock clutter & house my MSD unit, and run a late-model aftermarket HVAC box under the dash using the heater motor hole to facilitate the aftermarket bulkhead. Washer delete, I hate that tank... Umm, electric fans will make room to view the billet accessory drive.. The SSBC polished master cylinder and chrome booster will be the only bling (unless I hydro-boost, see the braking section later in this blog).

- Interior will be my signature stock seats, door panels, etc. I'm actually going to do a console, too. The dash, however, will be the new Covan's unit in brushed aluminum. I'll either do Sport Comp II or Nexus Autometers, or I'll paint the face of the panel black and run ultra-lites. Probably do that truck Flaming River wheel everyone else is doing, too.

- I already sourced a Chevy 12-bolt for my rear. I'm going to outfit it with discs and SSBC two-piston calipers. The front brakes will match, and I'll power it with a vacuum booster or a hydro - depending on how aggressive I make the 400. I'm going to use a built Muncie M21 and back it up with 3.08s or 3.23s. Posi, of course.

- The wheels are where I'm torn. I used American Racing Torq-Thrusts in chrome on my Chevelle, but I really want to do a five-spoke wheel with a similar design. This time, I want to utilize a gray or natural center with a polished lip. Cragar makes an Eliminator similar to the stock Pontiac Rallye II, which I'm considering, and AR has their TTIIs, which wouldn't be much of a deviation from the TTs I run on my Chevelle. I want to try BFG drag radials or something more street oriented that had a 'racing' tread design. But I guess I have time.

So, with any luck, I'll be able to start this project after we complete my grandfather's 52 Ford flatbed and my uncle's '67 Camaro. We also have to do the carpet in my dad's '91 Vette and we just bought an 81 Z/28 I'm trying to figure out how to buy my uncle out on. All things considered, if I have the body stripped, metal work all done, and off the frame by this time next year, I should have it done by Spring 2011. Wow, I'll be 28.... woah!

haha, well, leave feedback or whatever. Thanks for reading!

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