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I purchased this 1969 Ford Bronco / 1969 VW Bug in Sept of 2008. By the looks of it, the previous owner took it Deep Mud Diving. it's got a 302cu inch V8, 3 speed with a Dana 60 in the front, and 9in Ford rear axel. It huggs the road with it's 38" tires. Mud in evey crevace and packed into the lights and fuse box.

I'm looking at Upgrading. 5 Speed Transmission, Disc Brakes, Power Stearing. Still not sure the best Axels to use. My garage has been filled with too many other toys so it's been an outdoor adventure trying to work on it. I'm also told the fenders need to be 9 to 12 inches wider to drive it on the street.

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Comment by DAVID HEIKKILA on April 1, 2009 at 10:47am
the axles you got now are great if the rear was converted to an 8 lug....There are many options that are availible to you

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