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Special Thank You To My Parts Vendors!!!

I would like to say a special thank you to some of my parts vendors. If you need anything interior or exterior I want you to think of: Ph# 1-800-442-4601.

And if you need anything in the GM family please visit my friend Steve at GM Sport Salvage. Ph# 1-408-432-8498.
Rust free California car parts!

I would also like to thank Hoover Wheel Alignment In North Minneapolis and Tommy "Showtime" Hoover former NHRA Funny Car man for the EXCELENT alignment and front end work. 4 Ball joints, all new tie rod ends and sleeves, idler arm, center link, the works.
If your in Minnesota or western Wisconsin you wont find a better shop, and you'll make a good friend!
Hoover Wheel Alignment 207 Lowry North (612) 522-4489

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