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SCORE! IowaHawk Earth Week Virtual Cruise-in

SCORE! The Miata made the IowaHawk Earth Week Virtual Cruise-in for most offensive carbon spewing vehicles.
"Intrepid Nashvillian Jimmy Hogan illustrates what hot rodding is all about: into one medium sized garage, pour one car, miscellaneous junkyard parts, torches, welders, friends and cheap beer. Shake well. Serve one fast vehicle. In Jimmy's case, a Mazda Miata stuffed with a Ford 5.0 fuelie V8:
She's been on the Road for about a year now with no major issue. It's lightning fast (0 - 60mph in about 4 seconds) and a real head-turner. I really love backing into the local Starbucks on Sunday mornings (optimally beside the Prius with the most Obama stickers). I think it makes the little latte sippers reconsider their position on extraordinary rendition and waterboarding. One of my favorite parts about the project though is the personalized tag I scored. I hope this meets the spirit of the contest. Please check the history of the project, involving a rear-end accident, a Hurricane Katrina refugee, and a lot of sweat and fun with friends; along with many build pics. on my blog at myPowerblock. "
It's about 10 down on the list as of the morning of 4/19.

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