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Sad day in the motor capital ! A story about a car hater. :o(

I am from a small town in Michigan. I have always had a deep passion for cars, and when I say cars I meen, there aren't very many cars I don't like! My very first car was a 1974 Pontiac Trans Am with a factory 455. If only I had known then what I do now!!!!! DOH!!! As you can probably tell, I no longer have that one. In fact I sold it for a very measly $1000.oo! Yes, this was an extremly rare car, from what I know there was only aprox. 200 ever made, and only a handfull left today. Oh well, what do you do?
This is not the story I am here to tell you though! The story is about me taking a trip to the local scrap yard back in 2006 to drop off a load of junk metal and parts from the shop. As I was thowing the metal into a pile, I looked up only to notice what appeared to be some sort of a classic front clip sticking out of a corner. So, being the car crazy nut that I am, I instantly dropped everything to go running over to check it out! The front clip that I had spotted wasn't just a front clip, it was a whole vehicle! What I had spotted was a very good condition half done project that is known as a 1938 Ford pickup. I say half done because, the roof had been chopped, the metal work was almost done, and someone had taken the time to add a four linked nine inch rear end under it. They did some really nice work on that truck and gave up! After seeing this truck, I knew right then and there: I HAD TO HAVE IT NOW!!!!!! Didn't really care much at that very moment that the wife was probably going to pack her bags again, she says that a lot (well mostly when I "bring another one home!") So after microscoping over every square inch of the old ford I immediately went back to my truck and finnished dumping out the scrap in the back!
Got in the truck and drove directely to the office. I have been taking my scraps here for years, and knew the people there pretty well, so I felt like "this is going to be a breeze to get this truck!"

Went in the office and asked "has any one laid claim to the old ford yet?" My answer was "Nope!" (I got a little-no- a lot exhited at this point) and said "well, consider it sold I'll be back in twenty minutes with cash and a trailer!" I didn't care so much about the price because I knew these guys and every time you take something from the scrap yard, they just give it to you for the current scrap price! So I knew I was about to get a bada-- truck for a measly $150-$200 bucks.

Suddenly from the back office I had heard a non-familiar voice say "I'm sorry, but once something has come through our gates there is no letting it back out until it is crushed and shipped to the melting plant." I turned to him and said " I have never had a problem doing it before? Besides, this is a classic, we can't just let it get crushed!!!" He said " Sorry, but that was before, I am the new manager here as of two days ago, and the new company policy stricktly says: Once it has passed through the gates, it is company property, and therefore cannot be taken back out."

Sadly, I felt there was nothing I could do! So, I walked out the door, but!, as I was walking to my truck I hear a voice from behind me say "hey!" I turned around and noticed it was Brian (the original guy I was talking to when I walked in) He says "I'll give you a call in a little while, he is supposed to leave to go back down state in about an hour, and won't be back for two weeks, you can come back when he is gone and I will let you have it!" I showed him a smile and said "dude, you rock!!"

I went home and told the wife the news! After I got done unpacking my bags and got her settled back down, she agreed with me on the fact of: it's way to good of a deal to pass on! For the rest of the night I sat by the phone, patiently waiting for that chirp of the phone that I was sure wasn't going to last any longer than a millisecond! Around six'o'clock I decided to call the scrap yard, knowing in my head that they closed at five! Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, no answer! So, sadly I hung up the phone thinking, well, maybe they got busy and he forgot to call? Or, maybe the guy decided to leave tomorow? I was deaply regreting not knowing Brians last name at this point in my life! It was awefully difficult to find his phone number, thought about calling every "Brian" in the book!

Later on that evening, I decided to call my best friend, Lonny, to tell him the news! He agreed to go to the scrap yard and help load it on the trailer. That just made things even better, now I didn't have to do all of the work all by myself! Sure is nice to have such good friends! So, he came over and helped get everything ready for the morning, and helped me drink all my beer! (That's what friends are for!) ;o) He listened to me half the night, telling him all of the visions in my head of what I was going to do to the truck! After a couple of hours he went home and I went to bed with warm-fuzzies about the day I was about to have!

The alarm went off in the morning, and I couldn't seem to get out of the house fast enough! Picked up Lonny "on the way" good thing he can run fast, I didn't hardly slow down! About five minutes went buy and finally...... we were there! I got out of the truck, walked to the office, and went in. Brian was at the front desk, as soon as he looked up and noticed it was me he said quietly "I am sooooo sorry!" I said, "It's ok, I know you ment to call, just figured you got busy here is all !" Right then he stood up and said "follow me."

I knew this was it! I was about to see the truck in all it's glory, for one last time before she goes home to stay forever!

Boy was I ever right! But, sadly, in the wrong way!

Brian looked at me in disgust and said "After you left here yesterday, the new manager went outside and told the yardboy to crush the truck before any one else asked about it!, and so he did!"

It was as if someone had stabbed me!

I have vowed to never return to that yard again! To this very day I haven't!!!

Morale of the story: If you get sick of the project you are working on, don't destroy it!, try to sell it, you never know you're project could very well be someone else's dream!! ( and if it is a classic........don't EVER take it to a scrap yard!!!!!!!!)

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Comment by chopperdave70 on October 25, 2010 at 11:59pm
that sucks, but it did make for a good story.

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