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ok I was just informed by someone, that powerblock was just muscle cars.

so I fail to see this as with all the shows Extreme 4x4, Trucks, Musclecars, and Horsepower only two shows deal with muscle car directly. should we get rid of extreme 4x4 and Trucks as they have absolutley nothing to do with musclecars at all. I don't thinks so it called powerblock for a reason you're building vehicles and making more horse power in tuning the engine to get the most power from your car.

and equating 4 cylinder car to a lawn mower then you're just not a real car lover, if you can't see that there is more horse power then just the old muscle cars.

yes there is a lot beauty in the old american muscle but you are a fool if you can't see there is also beauty in the imports as well.

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Comment by Dylan Logan Greer on March 2, 2011 at 4:17pm

well once again I must say this powerblock used to have an extra half hour, that other half hour was with the turbotwin- they delt with just imports until they left to go into there own racing. horsepower just recently featured a mazda. I was just saying that it would be nice if powerblock had an extra hour to show work on the traditional but also imports and even motorcycles. I mean there are motorcycle lovers who would love to how to more work on there bikes.


Comment by Tim Barry on March 2, 2011 at 12:19pm
Dylan, I think you're missing the whole point of the POWERBLOCK.  All four segments contain information useful to anyone who works on their own cars, or those who just to learn more about cars (and trucks).  Extreme 4X4, which I thought I'd never watch, has shown how to rebuild an open differential for streetcars, and install a posi-trac unit.  All four shows contain tips on how to DO THE WORK.  Extreme 4X4, Musclecars, Trucks & Horsepower all four touch on all the subjects of rebuilding your own car, in every fashion; from frame-off restoration to just touching up.  No, the shows are NOT geared to imports, although they may be mentioned.  The POWERBLOCK's 'mission' is geared toward American cars & trucks; not imports.  You just need to find another show, if that's what you are looking for.  It has nothing to do with ignoring the beauty of foreign cars.  They have their place, it's just not on these four shows.

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