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HEY Everyone! Sorry haven't been on here for a while just been doing a lot of quail hunting and dog training. But now it is time to get back on the 72. Got everything out of her motor, trans (4-speed), rearend and seats. Car started out as a bench seat car but i like buckets so i found a set and a console and am recovering now. Could not find new foam so i am covering the old with 1/2" open cell foam and picked up a new set of stock replacement seat covers for both front and back in blue. Going to have to replace carpet which was new because i had a heater core go bad and reuined the carpet. Changed brakes over from non-power to factory power. found parts in Atlanta at Blue Oval and had booster rebuilt through a company in Tn. this is all they do. waiting to put it on (was to cold). Also waiting on heads to come back fron shop. Having a radious valve job done (didn't have the tools or i would have done it myself). Got new 3.50 trac-loc gears to replace factory 3.25. Just trying to find someone near me that would like to come and help put it all back together as i now can't do it myself. Dr.'s said no straining after my transplants a couple yrs. ago. but i tryed anyway and caused a hernia so i guess i have learned my lesson and will listen to them now. So if you would like to come and help there will be fresh homeade tea and beer after we are through. So HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is off the beaten path but in 2006 after 44yrs. of diabetes i was told i needed a kidney. They told me they could also give me a pancreas (from a deceased donor) and i would no longer have diabetes. My wife (Angie) who the 72 actually belongs to, yes this is a girls car 4-speed and all (she loves to show off to younger guys that don't know how to drive a stick) has always been listed as a doner on her driv. lic. so she was getting ready to be tested for me. I was placed on a list of 1186 others and told it would be 5 to 7 yrs. if at all. I did not really think i would be around that long if her organs did not match and would still be looking for a pancreas so that ment two major surgeries. I had her car apart so i did not know what the outcome on would be. It would probabaly have been sold as was. Nine days later after being placed on the list and after being on dialysis for over three months i received a call that they had found me a donor and to get there ASAP. When we arived we were told they wern't there yet but i was placed in a room and preped. The next morning i received both a kidney and pancreas. I did not know for a long time where they came froom just it was a young girl. Later i found out more through letters passed through the ODA and have talked to the father of my donor on the phone. Her name is AMBER LINDSEY WARREN. She was from the Mobile , Al. area and was tragectly shot in the head with an air gun by a neighbor the day after her 14th. birthday. The family told me they were not on donor list but when asked they thouight this is what Amber would want so they donated her organs. I don't know how many other lives she saved but i sent an anonymous letter to them through the ODA of Al. because of privacy requirements thanking them for their generous sacrifice and my sorrow for their loss. I am only telling you this story so that it may help some of you to make a decision to have your name placed on a donor list when you renew your drivers lic. And that is all. Even though Amber and her family wern't on a list then just their agreeing to it was enough. I am here because of it. I know this. I am not a perticularly religious person but i pray for Amber and her family every day and for their sacrefice. Please add your name to the donor list. Give someone else a chance to be able to go on enjoying our hobby and love of cars.

I will keep you posted on the 72 as my wife wants her car back!

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