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Ole Blue - 1964 Oldsmobile Super 88 - Blog 2

I got the paperwork all filed off to the appropriate places to actually make the car "officially" mine. Found some really great deals on the actual operating owner's manual and two volumes of the five work shop manuals! Both those and Hydramatic transmission manual as well for under 30 bucks! The operating manual was only 18! I'm super excited to have found this stuff online and it will definitely help with the restoration of the car.


I feel alot more comfortable working on this car with some kind of direction. I don't want to get into the wiring and have it end up a nightmare. I already don't like wiring....


Still have to get volumes 1,3,5. Shouldn't really be much of an issue, I'm watching a few eBay auctions that have these manuals for a real good deal. After I get the full set of WSMs and browse over them, I'll start digging into this project more and see far I will need to go.


Check out pictures of the manuals that I won!


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