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H i, my name is Jacob Frye and I just recently moved to Dallas, Tx, because of Hurricane Ike. My mom and I stayed a block away from the Seawall in Galveston, Tx, and when the hurricane hit , we got out in enough time but we lost everything, we were able to leave with our cars and a bag full of cloths, and i have a 1996 Costum Buick LaSabre 3.8 V-6 and theres really nothing wrong with it but the gas line does have a leak and it makes a wierd noise, but its all i got!! And i just started on my path to my career, by enrolling in Lincoln Tech Automotive School and i have to drive 60 miles to school and 60 miles home, 5 times a week for 11 months, and its my only transportation to start my new life. And we have been down here since Thanksgiving and i still haven't found a job, and with the economy how it is today, it does not help, so i started school and with me coming from dropping out of school and having no G.E.D, it makes it even harder, and my mom and aunt have been supportive and supporting me for awhile, its time to give somthing back!!!! But God works in mysterious ways, so all of this was for a reason to get my life back on TRACK!!!!! SO WILL YOU HAND ME 10,000 DOLLARS?!?!

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