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my mechanic put roller cam springs for a hydraulic cam

the machine shop sold me the valve train and put heavy springs for a roller cam,i called lunati and they told me i probably wipped out machine shop wont help me and i cant get the car to start and run more than 30 sec,wont idle and cant set timing has this happened to anyone else?i called lunati and they told me i wipped out cam at the initial start.Should i take heads off and have them looked at?i just rebuilt the motor and my machine shop wont take any responsibility for the springs.Anyone  have any suggestions?and how do u get the oppurtunity to have your car worked on by the guys i watch on Power Block?I want to give this car to my son but ive got to get it fixed.Is there a way to contact those guys for help?i live an hour from nashville and would do anything to see this car on my favorite show.My dad bought me this car when i was 16 and now im 38 and want to give it to my son.Is there a way to get those guys to help?i never liked this generation z28 but this ones look and stance is like no other.I could have gotten any car i wanted but this car is the best lookin 79 z28 ive yet to mom has a c5 corvette and the camaro looks better than the vette.any suggestions would be appreciated,thanks,Benton Lee 

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Comment by Arthur Hoge on July 6, 2011 at 9:20pm
First,,,I would take your machine shop to small claims court,and suit the hell out of them,second,as far as getting the program to assist you,,,I really doubt they are going to offer any.T.V production companies have their own agenda,and unless they can help you and benefit from it or their sponsers,then I don't think they'll be of any help.I've been around the entertainment business for over 30 years and during that time,I have yet to see them lift a finger,,if it didn't mean a profit for them.Yes,,,I admit I sound pretty cynical,,but it is the truth of the matter and nothing is going to change that.So,,,figuring that you;re on your own in this matter,,,if it were me,,,I would contact your local churches close to you and ask them if they could help you start a fund raiser because of the circumstances.Now,,it may take a little leg work,but there are a lot of car clubs,churches,,you know,,,stuff like that,,,that because of the situation,,,might be able to at least point you in the right direction.If you lived closer,,I would lend a hand and we'd get that puppy up and running again,,,and I wouldn't charge you a dime.I do a lot of that kinda thing around where I live,,because I believe,that if you can do anything with your life,,,it's to help someone,without expecting something in return.To many people spend all of their "Precious" time asking the big question,,"what's in it for me".I'm sorry,,,I'll get off my soapbox now,,it just makes me mad when so many people,expect so much.Give me a shout when you can and let me know what happens,,,Oh,,,by the way,,,you said you're an hour from Nashville,,,,what direction?,,,I live about 60 miles south of Chattanooga

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