He got his cartridge casing sizes wrong. A 9mm and 38 use the same size bullet. 9mm uses a .355-.356" diameter bullet where a 38 uses a .357-.358" diameter bullet. For reference, here are correct cartridge sizes.

for 1/4" h***s, use a 25 caliber (.257" diameter) such as a 25-06, 257 Roberts, etc.
For 5/16" h***s, use 32 caliber (.311-.312" diameter) such as a 32 Auto.
For 3/8" h***s, use a 375 caliber (.375" diameter) such as a 375 H&H.
For 7/16" h***s, use a 45 caliber pistol (.451-.452" diameter), such as a 45 auto.
For 1/2" h***s, use any 50 caliber pistol or rifle.

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