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The students of Hoover High School

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Comment by Arthur Hoge on December 20, 2010 at 6:05am

Yervant,,,Arthur here,,,Man,,I think it's fantastic,to see guys like you teaching,,and helping,,these kids,to do something with their lives,,,other than shooting at each other.I have a very close friend that lives in Nova Scotia that is a retired shop teacher,I met him here on Powerblock a couple of years ago when he needed help with his "V8swap,GMC Sonoma" project.I had just,basically retired,from turning wrenches,and I kind of started my own consulting business,helping people build their hotrods.My friend was right in the middle of completing his Sonoma,when he was asked if he wanted to go back to work,,,oh,yea,,,maybe I should tell you what he does,,he was a Shop teacher in Nove Scotia,but retired several years ago,,,well anyway,,he's like me,,he got bored just sitting around so this past,beginning school year,,he accepted the possition,,now,,,get ready for the location,,,,,,it's in a place called:Split Lake Manitoba,Canada,,on an Indian Reservation,,,,,,,let me help you with this,,,if you were to stand on the Minnosota/Canadian,border,,,and go straight north oh let's say,,,about 1500 miles,,you would be just about there,,,that being said,,,that's the reason for this comment page.I really do admire the dedication,that the fraternity of shop teachers display,as far as doing your best to teach these kids,that there is something better than getting hammered on drugs,shooting at each other,,and for a lot of them,,,dying way to soon.Let's face it,,,my friend didn't have to take a job at all,,let alone,,one located in a place like Northern Canada,,but he did it because that's what he does,,he teaches,,,who else is going to help those kids on the "res".With all luck,hopefully,,because of his help,,and for that matter,,your help as well,,,these kids will have some sort of future.Good luck to you and your students.I'm going to send you a friend request,,that way,,if you need any help,,or your students do,,,finding parts and information,for your builds,,I'll be another source to look too.Again,,,glad to see,someone else helping.

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