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I hate to be the guy that points out the obvious but I feel this really needs to be said. What is it with all the people on that create a member account and than never sign back into their profile again? I have noticed that there is a vast group of people here on this site that have created an account, uploaded a picture, and then became just a lost url, never to sign on again. What gives? See, if it were me, I would have researched the site before I created an account to ensure that it was something I would be interested in. Or, if that didnt turn out as planned, I would have at least discontinued and deleted my account once I decided it wasn't for me. Instead these people just create "clutter" for lack of a better term. The idea of this whole site is to share stories, pictures, and videos with friends. It is also a place to meet fellow car guys! Well I am sorry but it is awfully difficult to meet new people when you are requesting a "ghost." There should be some sort of checks and blalances on sites like this. Other sites such as and could follow suit with this idea. I think there should be a system where if an account goes unused for an extended period of time, it should be erased automatically. A notice should be sent in the form of email prior to the cancellation to the account holder. If there is no response within the allotted time, cancel away!!!!! There is nothing worse than commenting on peoples pages or requesting a fellow gear head with no follow through at the other end.

I must say that I really enjoy this site and think that it is a great thing for all of us! Its great to be able to share stories, builds, and ideas. But there is nothing more aggrivating than speaking to a wall. Am I wrong for thinking this way?

So please. If you are a new member to this site and you don't think you like the format, please, just please delete your account immediately! We need not look at a profile that is just, again, a lost url.

Thank you.

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