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Got the chance to repurchase my '68 Chevy P/U

My grandfather died when I was about 17 yrs old and I inherited his 1968 Chevy Stepside Long bed P/U. I drove and maintained this truck up until about three years ago. A neighbor bugged me about selling it to him and his roommate. Well, I had four vehicles at the time, so I gave in. When the roommate died suddenly a couple months ago, he imediately approached me about buying it back. My girl felt the sentimetal value was greater than that of her Impala, so I gave in once again.

Now the Impala has gone to a new home. She's living with a young man who appreciates her for what she is and I have an all new project.

Steph insists we do everything and more to the pick up, but of course, she would, 'cuz its hers. My wedding present to a good woman.

So, as much as I hate to stop one project and start another without completing the first, I know every nut and bolt in the truck and have probably had 'em out and replaced at one time or another. I've got some pretty good ideas that should make it as good or better than anything new out there.

I'll have Steph take some before pics, soon. And, hopefully the after ones will blow everyone away!

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