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All I here is about jeeps so i am getting my word out that BRONCOS are bad ass short wheel base, tight turn radius,you could get it on quad trails and alot of horse power.A Bronco could do everything a jeep could plus more and its cheaper. A jeep is alot more because they think its the best off-road vehicle .A bronco is good almost stock compared to a jeep.A jeep you do motor displacement, axle swap, roll cage, power steering,new trans,and transfer-case. I have a 93 Ford Bronco XLT full size 351 win. 5.8 4x4 with a E-4OD trans,and alot of extras I have a Super lift kit 8in. in the rear 6in. in the front sitting on 35x12.50r15 I have a hide away bumper with a warn 9000 winch.I have dual battery's, dual flex-a-lite fans with thermostat control, I have a Hyper-tech chip, K&N air cleaner, Headers with dual flow-masters straight out the back with one foot long chrome tips.I have a defender roof rackwith a 35x12.50r15 spare tire on the roof plus a shovel on one side and an ax on the other. I have plenty of lights, I have two KC Daylighters on th front brush guard, then four KC Daylighters on a light bar on the roof plus two on the rear of the roof rack for tail gate party's and for backing up. I have a Major switch board in the vehicle for my lights and fan controls. Then I have a CB, with two 3 foot long lay down CB on each side of the roof rack they easily lay down when in hard conditions, and the old spare tire rack I have two five gallon military gas cans and a HI-LIFT jack a lot of money but due to health just want it fixed to drive.THE PROBLEM....  I have broke three drive lines and both motor mounts and the trans mount. From to much horsepower and a heavy foot and showing off. Then the ring and pinion went out leaving me without my baby.I jump alot and tear the roads up meaning my own roads because thats what off-roading means right.I usually get the bronco off the ground all four tires like five to six feet.I have been disabled for 5 years fighting cancer and the best thing to cheer me up is off-roading with my wife and two sons that's my life is making memories with family and friends thats all you could really do specially for my sons 7 and 3 to remember who there daddy is and to carry on the traditions of are redneck family,So for right now i just got a rear end from the junkyard that is stock so i could still go on trails. I have a incurable cancer and  not to long to live so I just take it day by day. But everybody is right all the time if its a TV show or catalogs or magazines its always about jeeps. I am a Ford guy one hundred percent. Why dont they do broncos or f-150. the parts are compatible if you cant get a part for a bronco order it for a f-150.But ya Ian I would like to see more Broncos of all if Truck's can do Das Bronco that's kick ass, then you could stop messing with power-wheels and Hot-Wheels toys and go to a real mans toy, you need to realize big trucks can do the same as the small trucks besides wheel base.and we could do bigger motors for more torqe than horsepower and we could do rear steer with out making a new body and putting the fenders and hood of a jeep making it look like a jeep like Top Truck Challenge.. thanks for letting me put my opinion.          FORDS KICK ASS. 

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