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I love Ebay, I've aquired a lot of parts from the online, have everything place. I find myself needing something, searching ebay then searching the enet and then buying on ebay. This is all good as you can really get a true accessment of what a fair price is. I'm going to the Albany (Oregon) swap meet tomorrow and if it's anything like last year I will find that there is very little worth buying. It always amazes me how people at swap meets think that because some friend of theirs told them they can get $1000 dollars for some worn out part they should get it. Back in the old days we use to trade our parts for something we needed with another person who needed something we had. I never took a part off of a car and thought wow I can get a lot of money for this, I've always thought who do I know that needs one of those. Its pretty sad that I have to cruise ebay for parts because all of my fellow rodders are greedy and want more for a part than it is worth. I think some people are more into collecting parts they think are worth something that actually putting them to good use.

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