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let me tell you about my self i am 44 years and 11 months old i have a 11 year old daughter raising  on my owner her mother left us when she was 3 she is 12 now and a hand full we moved back in with my mother so i can help take care of her she is 72 years old and has diabetes she has to take 5 shots a day are she will die my dad died in 1989 truly missed by the the whole family     i have been a carpenter for all my life any one  who  has done it knows it hard and dangerous work but now it has caught up with me a few fall,s broken bones     and now it has gotten where i can,t work any more and what money i do get goes to bill,s and my daughter,s schooling  and she and my mother are the most important people in my life and is people like you guy,s that keep,s people like me dreaming and hoping    i have a 1969 ford fair lane 2 door 2,Nd owner 136000 miles it run,s like new  but getting it to stop is another story my little girl loves too ride in it but it is not safe for her i am not asking  I AM  BEGGING you guys are my last hope  too help me out  i spent 4 year,s with the rescue squad i do now how good it feel,s to help some one out and their no better feeling than that if you go to dewayne,s car you will see a pitcher of me don,t   let my long hair fool you i can,t help much with breast cancer but i do donate too LOCK,S OF LOVE  I haven,t got much money but i do have a lot of hair          i know  i might   not  be the most deserving person  but i thought i would try          dewayne

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Comment by Richard H Lange on March 12, 2011 at 5:21am

Hi Dewayne,

I am fortunate enough that I have to take only a fist full of pills.My blood sugar stayes about 120/130,so I am not to bad If I play by the every day I get up I do what I can On my car,Right now I am making a Aluminum Intake Manifold for a 8 stack Weber carburetors, since no one makes one. Weber makes one but they want 3,000.00 Dollars for it.That is to big for my wallet.So that is where I am at, good inside job. Until next time talk to you soon,Stay well and take good care of your family.Rich.

Comment by william dewayne brunson on March 11, 2011 at 4:04pm
Richard I know had hard it must be i know it,s a full time job keeping up with sugar mom takes 5 shot,s a day  but i,ll say one thing she don,t let it get her down  she,s 5 ft. 4 and 72 year,s old  and can still out work me but i do know how that broke feel,s  the one thing i loved most in life was playing my guitar and now i have carpritunel in my hands i can,t even do that  but with GOD willing we can over come  so feel free to wright any time  dewayne,s car
Comment by Richard H Lange on March 11, 2011 at 6:13am

William, I have diabetes, Broken back in three places, you might say we have something in common. It seems like I left notes all over,time for me to walk around a bit.Talk to you later.


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