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So in todays economy, we are all forced to make cuts.  But, what happens when those cuts work in your favor?  I guess this needs the back story to make sense.


Ya see, I've been into cars since I was 9.  Literally.  I have always had a project, and have never had a completed project.  I've also never had a wife who would support my addiction...and it is an addiction.  You won't find a rehab center for tire smoke, gasoline, or shear seat of the pants stump pulling torque, but once you go there...there's no coming back.  So the cutbacks.  Due to reductions, i have had to sell off most of my projects.  Some never left the ground, some were nearing completion.  It happens, life goes on...disappointing, but you do what you must do.  Now, my wife has always had an interest in the late 40's Plymouth's for some reason.  Not that i don't like them...they are very cool cars.  But she is NOT a gearhead...or gear anything else.  So, I had said that for her 40th birthday, I would try to fing her dream car.  That was like 5 years ago.  fast forward to last week.


I am looking on Craiglist for firewood.  Firewood mind you.  What comes the first listing?  1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe.  Project.  $500.  Odd.  So, I e-mailed the guy...and heard nothing for a few days.  Imaging my surprise when i get a phone call from the owner.  Long story short, i now own a very minimally rusty 48 Plymouth with a disassembled engine...and no head.  My new project.  My wife is now i have just lesst than 2 years to make her dream car from a pile of tired but complete metal.  The point?


I cursed my luck for having to sell off all of my by one.  they are all gone now...some to new owners, and some to the great scrapyard in the sky.  But somehow, a quest for cheap firewood turned into not only a project, but a project that I must not fail at.  I'm up to the task.  I hope i'm up to the task....

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