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I was trying to do an app for my husband, but can't get anything to upload. Well, I guess I will do what I see everyone else doing and post here. My husband has a 1982 BMW 5series, he is most of the way through a Ford V8 motor swap, but due to many life events, he hasn't had the money to finish it. Now unlike everyone else, we haven't had anyone sent to war, and this vehicle didn't belong to a dead friend or relative. My husband bought this car with the intent of doing this motor swap about 7yrs. ago. I purchased the motor for him about 4yrs ago, and he finally had a chance to get it started. Once he got the inline 6 out, and started the job, life got hectic and didn't allow him the time, space, or financial means to go much further for about 2 yrs. Thanks to a good friend, my husband was finally able to get the motor mounts made, and get the motor into the car. Unfortunately we moved after this, and his car has been sitting every since. We had the money to get the parts he needed a couple times, but the first time we had it, he used it so we could get my son from his abusive father. The second time we had it, his father died and we had to make a long trip to the east coast. The 3rd and last time, he decided to use the money to adopt my children so that their biological father couldn't hurt them anymore. My husband is an amazing man and a wonderful father. We all appreciate all that he has done for us, and I can't imagine a more wonderful way to thank him for all he's done then for him to finally get the finished product he's been working toward for so long. I don't believe we will have the opportunity to save the money to finish this again for a while, because I am now a full time student, and my husband recently injured his back and has been unable to work for almost a month already. He will be seeing a nuerologist next month to see if he can ever go back to work. I appreciate any time you take considering my husband, I know how much it would mean to our family if you chose him.

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Comment by Lee Horton on March 2, 2011 at 9:59pm

I am having the same problem with uploading the images with the application.


Does anyone know the file size and types that are allowed to be uploaded?

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