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SOS Calling Courtney Hansen: Please Help me fulfill my Bucket List

Happy New Year !!
You've asked us to post pictures, so I posted some of my 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 Convertible hope you like it.
It's all in one piece, and has all its parts. Original motor, transmission, manifold, I even have all the GM books from the glove box and original build sheet.
I had a 1964 Olds Cutlass hardtop just like it as my first car back in 1978. A heavy equipment operator driving a HUGE front end loader during a Minnesota snow storm, picked up my Olds and four other cars without knowing and pushed them into a four story 1/4 acre pile of snow in a mall parking lot. I think he had been drinking!
I reported it stolen and found it a month and a half later when the snow finally started to melt. Needless to say it was totaled.
I really want to restore this one, but I had an accident a few years ago where I broke my back, pelvis, double compound fractures of both legs, and crushed some ribs.
Are there any contests where you can win money for parts/paints/etc....?

1) I am able to walk (they said I never would again) but less able to work regularly due to the injuries.
2) I have only saved a little over $5000.00 towards the restoration.
3) I would really like to drive it sometime this year.

Thank You and Happy New Year!!!

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Comment by Denis B Gormally on February 23, 2012 at 6:25pm

Hi Courtney We support you as you go through this troubling time. However things go know we will be here for you. Take it a day at a time.

Comment by walter t. vanhorn on February 6, 2012 at 7:47pm

hey courtney what is your favorite ride that you own. Do you like speed or what, let us know.

Comment by Denis B Gormally on March 18, 2009 at 7:48am
Scouts are cool rigs... you cant stop them.
My project is going good. I should get it back April 1st... unless it's an April Fools.
Check all these groups, and make some members, they can help out maybe.
Just starting to warm here. Still have over 24 inches of ice on the lakes.
Comment by Dieselscout on March 17, 2009 at 11:07pm
Nice looking Olds restoration going on.
I'd like to get a restoration started on the Scout, but the economy is a major concern right now.
I had told your dad that I was on the trail of this particular Scout before he passed, but hadn't bought it yet. I've only owned this one since 2003. First I had to get over the purchase price, and recently I've been accumulating NOS and very good used parts for it. Check out my profile. It's the last Scout made.

Mike B.

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