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Can't figure it out I have broken 3 speedo cables in the last week. Thank god for warrenty. But i cant figure out. I have a brand new auto meter speedo and a brand new tranny even got new speedo gears put it that and 2x it broke on the speedo side and the last time it broke at the tranny side. so i think im going to get rid of the speedo all together and just drive by tach. and now i almost got the 500 kms on the motor so im getting more and more excited cause i want to get this car on the dyno and on may 2 out the the first drag race of the season here in kelowna. but i have to do a few more things like put in a new fuel pump and change all the filters and putting on 2 new super 44 mufflers and few other little things here and there. like get the extra fuel line hooked up for the NOS for the drag races see how fast she really is.

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