A two month road trip in the boogie van

So last July I did 4,922 miles in the BoogieVan(a 64 corvair van), and I had such a great time out shooting cars/bikes/trucks/people I have decided to do it even bigger this year. I will start with just a small date calendar of where I will be if anyone even cares lol. I will try to post pics,and stories like last year again this year. If anyone would like family/car portraits along the way I will work for a place to sleep/something to eat/gas money lol. Hope to meet a ton of you guys again this year. Also some of this is not set in stone so I can be bribed if you know of cool cruise nights/awesome shops/cars that need to be featured in a magazine...etc....etc...etc....


6/7 Leave Houston

6/9 Bowling Green K.Y HotRod Power Tour

6/10 Chatanooga T.N HotRod Power Tour

6/11 Birmingham AL HotRod Power Tour

6/12 Mobile Al HotRod Power Tour

6/12.5 6/13 Pigeon Forge Tn SuperChevy Show

6/18 Bowling Green ky HotRod Reunion

6/18-6/20 Indy Slamology/site-seeing

6/21-23 Louisville just shooting around

6/26 Anderson SC HotRod Showoff Anderson Couny fairgrounds

7/1 Winston Salem N.C Heavy Rebel Weekend

7/9 -7/11 Columbus Good-Guys

7/12 Shoes house of chop just shooting around Indy

7/15-7/18 Waveland In midwest camp and drag

7/23-7/25 Anderson Sc Southeast Showdown

7/27 -?? Wellington TX Owens Salvage

O.K quick update 380 miles left to Duquoin sitting in a truckstop typing somewhere in Arkansas. Only one casualty so far I hit a bird outside Nagadoches Tx ripping off my drivers side windshield wiper that I had just bought yesterday lol. ......oh and the millions of bugs I have killed so far in the rolling brick...check out the vent window.

Well I am 1,475 miles into the roadtrip, and its time to part the power tour. Its been a great time, and I recommend it to everyone. I actually have to start working in the morning shooting a truck here in Birmingham then working my way up to Pigeon forge T.N for the super Chevy show.

Here are a few pics for a small update........

Started out going through the mountains and raining wednesday

broke the other wiper, but no birds where harmed this time it was all me lol


speaking of birds


The Bandit and I ran together for awhile....no crumbums in site though

The Man lol


Since I had more flake than anything in the lowrider booth I will pretend i was in there booth


found the perfect accesory for the van at cokers party


pure sex


Shirt of the day


No really I was passing them on the inside


Thursday morning early arrival starring the BoogieVan and a few thousand muscle cars


got a huge rockchip on the way over


My trip so far


My favorite ride of the tour billet or not this was a nice truck


Best of show




So I made it to Pigeon forge for the super chevy show, and I will be here till Monday. Pretty uneventful day today, but here are a couple pics.
This vette was in the JBL booth with me while I was on the powertour. Jason also had his young son RHYS with him so I offered to do a couple of pics for them to remember the trip by.





I stopped at B.A rods and customs in alabaster AL to shoot a truck they had built here are a few pics



I even got attacked by his guard dog


Vinnie provided great service even cleaned up where some douche spilled soda all over the front of the van last night


Todays T-shirt was sponsored by the guys at CherryBomb mufflers


O.K another quick catch up I left power tour after birmingham and hauled up to Pigeon forge for the all chevy super nationals. Nightime at the hotel


saturday it rained at the show


My good friend and builder Jeff Lewis gave me a place to stay for a couple of days, and it was his sons second birthday party....he is a little big for his age


...and dont fall asleep at Jeffs house or the marker comes out


bad case of flipflop toe always be aware of the curb


.....oh it rained at the show on sunday also lol



ran into one of the best young metal men in america bar none...eric saliba from the little shop


went to shoot a truck for street trucks and the road asked me why?


forgot my light stands at Jeffs house so I used what I had available


Went to Hudsons to shoot some stuff


..........oh and it rained


I did get to shoot one of the cars in the top ten on my bucket list after the rain


Packing up after shooting


on the road for little over a week and already two flashes down.......a moment of silence please


finished up some engagement pics for Sam Navarro while sitting in a bookstore



made it over to nashville today to shoot Jason Grahams first car after the fire

To bring you up to speed this is what this car and shop looked like in April and after






same shop same car in June






If all goes well I will be in bowling green friday then indy on saturday

Time for another update when I got to Nashville I had a right rear wheel bearing go bad. [img]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs100.snc4/36387_402412...[/img]

Thanks to the help of the H.A.M.B and a corvair club members list I found Richard Gebhardt in Nashville and he guided me on how to replace the axle in the van. The axle I had with me wound up having a bad bearing on it, and then two of the three axles Richard had wound up being bad also......I can now change these things in my sleep lol
Luckily the last one we tried has been quiet for almost 500 miles now so keep your fingers crossed lol.

I found this killer corvair turbo motor in Richards garage think he will miss it?


I then spent the night with my good friend Lucky and we went out to dinner can you believe his son Ethan loves eating onions?


.....any kid that tough gets to sign the van s the youngest signature is now from a two year old lol


Then I headed the short little trip from hendersonville to Bowling green for a short stop at the hot rod reunion


I found the mooneyes booth and scored these for the van


My choice for sexiest car of the show


I found another bike I wanted to stick in the van


I drove around and found a familiar face and parked next to them. If all goes well I am going to shoot some pics for Ken while I am in SC


another bike I want to steal


I left bowling green sad as all get out to head to Indy, but my friends tried to make me feel at home


then thirty of us went for Japanese

went to the Suds cruise night in Indy and it was a blast. This is the car that was worth the drive from Texas


ok seriously there was some b****** stuff there




It was cool hanging out with Jake again and his gorgeous 54


You may remember it more from this pic we took at Columbus last year


The van is becoming a trophy whore


We didnt get the furthest distance to the show even though we had driven 2400 miles to that point someone from Savannah Ga got it instead......but who cares I am having a blast.

Here are a couple of more behind the scenes pics from the trip. Mike and his Plymouth



Hotel party by the van



I am spending a couple of days shooting in Louisville KY then I am heading to Anderson SC

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