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I need to restore this car and most of all, get it running. How hard is a engine rebuild? Can anyone suggest any do it ur selfers or videos or magazines or anything?

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Comment by Garry Owens on February 28, 2011 at 6:48pm
Well you gotta start somewhere. My recomendation is get it drivable fast. Put a motor in it for kicks for now, buy a junk yard motor in good running condition with a trans and a 30 day waranty. You willspend the same amount if you buy an LS1 motor or something nice and have them put it in for a little more. They get to worry about the wiring, computer and plumbing issues. Then if you really want to build a motor find a good rebuildable and join an auto class at the college (they will not let you start out building a motor) use their tools their equipmaent their lift and use their input, start playing with it. Start doing it and get dirty. Dont put your heart into it just get the experience. Get serious and expensive later. The most important advice, enjoy the experience dont give up and good luck! Your going to need it.

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