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Growing up, my Grandfather was always working on his 1965 Ford Mustang. That car was his pride and joy. He did just about everything he could to the car; he would change the breaks, adjust the timing, he even reupholstered it himself. As I got older, he would include me in the various things he was doing. I helped him change the breaks, helped to reupholster the car.


Growing up my cousins would always say that someday the Mustang was going to be theirs. They always bickered amongst themselves as to who was my Grandfathers favorite and who was worthy enough to inherit the Mustang. Sadly, three years ago while he was driving to the supermarket to purchase some groceries, he was T-boned. The Mustang suffered extensive damage and various body shops said that it either was a total loss or would cost more to repair than what it was worth.


The accident eventually lead to his passing. Before he passed away he came home long enough to see his beloved Mustang and together we said we would fix it and put it back to the way it was. During the funeral all of the cousins who had so jealously fought over the Mustang all turned their backs and said what a shame it was to see the car go. I on the other hand slowly got started on buying parts and having the Mustang towed to a body shop to get the repair process started.


The restoration project is my gift to my Grandfathers memory and to fulfill a promise I made to him before he passed. It has been a slow and steady project but for every item that gets repaired it seems another pops up. The exterior looks amazing, but the engine has reached the end of its life and cannot be overhauled. I am looking for a new engine and need to do other interior reupholstering, fix the window tract, repair the door locks, and install the radio and speakers.


Winning the makeover restoration would mean so much to my Grandmother, Mother, and me as the Mustang is a memorial to my Grandfather. My Grandmother titled the Mustang to me since I have dedicated so much in to honoring my Grandfather. Please help me finish restoring my Grandfathers Mustang back to the beautiful car it once was.





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