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Hello everyone,I have a 95 Hummer H-1 with a gas 350 TBI vortec L05 engine. I now have to replace the engine due to water in the oil and due to the economy also Im trying to do a swap with another 350 TBI without doind any modifications. So im looking for an engine doner that will match mine that has a 4l80e transmission. The problem is when I look at an engine the person will tell me it will match right up even thought they have a 7004r transmission? Then I try to go on line and read that the intake manifold wont work because of the vortec heads bolt pattern.Then theres the change in horse power for some engines and Im told the computer has to be adjusted too,Im on a budget here and trying to take the path of least resistance.Just to clarify one thing please,everyone thinks cause you have a Hummer you are rich,thats not true here in this case.So if anyone has any info to give me I would really appreciate it.Thankyou very much......Truckless in Seattle.....Jerry G.

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Comment by Daryl Lee Scott on March 2, 2011 at 1:35pm
btw if you have a true vortec it will be a 2 piece intake with a plastic "spider injector" system replace that with a brand new one along with the plastic fuel feed lines as they tend to crack and leak fuel into the cylinders causing a rich condition and premature head gasket failure
Comment by Daryl Lee Scott on March 2, 2011 at 1:33pm
the 350 vortec motor didnt come out until 96 (when gm switched everything over to obd II) but any 350 chevy or gmc motor that bolts to a 700r4 will bolt up to a 4l80e cuz the 4l80e is an electronic beefier version of a 700r4. the intake from a true vortec will not bolt onto a regular 350 but you can take any 350 from the 88-95 chevy and gmc trucks and bolt the heads and intake from the vortec to the block of a regular tbi or carb 350 from these trucks cuz they all have the same block. did your original motor lock up or does it just have coolant in the oil? if it isnt locked up you can easily take the top end off and clean everything up and install new head gaskets if everything is still usable and that would be cheaper than swapping a motor and you'd know a lot more about your whole truck... hopefully this info will help you get that feller into shape again.

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