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Over the years I've had a few good cars.
A "69" Firebird w/ 350 ci HO (4 bolt main.)
A "59" Chevy Apache (The one with the bullets running down the sides.)
A "70" El Camino
A "48" GMC pickup truck. All original and still running.
A Monza 2+2 I barely fit in the thing. (I'm 6'-3" 210 lbs.) I don't fit well in small cars.
Three more Cameros, a couple more trucks, and a Harley. At one time my drivers license said that I could drive anything from two wheels to eighteen wheels.
It's the 18 wheel experience that ended my 28 year career as a wood wright. I am now disabled and don't even own a car. Maybe I can win one (Hint, hint.)

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