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NEED SOME GUIDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have a 98 3.4 supercharged V-6 Tacoma Xtra Cab 4x4 that i blew the front diff up in. now i'm faced with a delema. Fix the ifs set up , swap out my 6" fabtech drop bracket kit for a higher clearing 3" one along with a long travel kit (that will give me back the other 3")with disconnecting sway bar (for mild-med crawling applications) or do what so many others have done and go with a SAS kit of some kind. The truck is a dual purpose machine that gets driven to work daily but i like to put it through it's paces in mud, trails, hills.... whatever whenever i get the chance. So ANYONE that can give me some advice, i would appriciate it, i'm a welder/fab so i can do just about anything with the right guidance/advice. Also what gearing ratio is better for 35-37's (got 35" procomps now but may go a bit bigger later)--- 4.88's or 5.29's?
I'll try to post some pic's soon thanks

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Comment by Boss on September 15, 2008 at 9:40pm
I too have the 6" Fabtech lift kit along with a 3" body lift. I ride on 35" Baja Claw Radials on 16x8 DC1 rims. I had the questions as too what gears to use. I was told that 35's and up should use 5:29 gears. But since I have an automatic tranny that my gas mileage will be the shits. Can't win for losen..... What did you finally decide?

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