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While I have my own reasons for disliking Democrat Senator Obama (none of which are based on race) I am extremely concerned for the future of our passion in a society that demonizes Fossil Fuel, CO2 and the V8 Engine. We could be very well looking at the end if the Socialist have their way. Obama has stated that 12 dollar a gallon gasoline would be ok. Would it? Lets see other than that is more money than a lot of people make per hour what other effects would it have?
1 The closure of factories, repair shops, speed shops and retail outlets. 100,000 + people in the Aftermarket industry alone would be out of work.

2 More people live 10 miles away from their place of employment than do not. another Million plus out of work due to their inability to fuel their vehicles to get to work.

3 Increased irrational emissions laws will place all vehicles over 10 years old ineligible to be registered for use on public roads. More people out of work who can not afford a newer vehicle not to mention the people in the support industry who will be out of work.

These are just some of the basic's. things will spiral out of control if we allow the government to remove our choices from us in the name of Environmental Socialism.

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