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I'm trying tp locate a good spot for a MSD ign. I've advised to mount it on the firewall or on the inside fenders. My problem is I can't see the fenders too much electronics. on the firewall presnts the problem of the Distributor would be directly below it and the area is not big enough to place unit there.Also MSD said to keep away from electronics. thought about putting it inside by the door but it mite get kicked. Aother spot reccomended was on the center hump still no room. So if anybody has an idea or has figured where a good place that works I would be very appreciated. thought if I could make a bracket to mount above engine somewhere. also thought of in front of radiator, but it could get wet.  But if it is mounted under the hood it does run the risk of getting wet anyway, right. thanks very much for any type of help.

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Comment by Daryl Lee Scott on June 13, 2011 at 11:11pm
check your coolant overflow reservoir for the computer mounting location, if you have the mounting space there and the factory computer is not there it should work(gm put the computer behind the glovebox on older models such as the 94 s-10) and having it there will also help protect it from vibration

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