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1969 Bronco is slowly coming together!

I have come a long way on the 69' Bronco already. New frame, got a new dana 44 for the front, in the process of switching it to discs, installed power steering (will also have power brakes), installing a 351 h.o. motor and c-4 trans, put a locker in the rear, cut out almost all of the floors. I am building a a full frame for the body, these bodies were not very stout from the factory, so I am making it a whole lot stronger. I have built a body lift for the truck (don't judge it by the pictures, there is going to be a lot more to this!). I have flipped the rear leaf spring perches and installed 3" taller front coil springs. Total lift on truck will be about 10 inches when all is said and done. I have gone through and reinforced the frame at all weak points.

That is all I have to report at this time I have uploaded more pictures and will be uploading more very soon!

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