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how to get modern day mpg out of a mid 90's engine (13mpg currently out of a 94 Bronco 5.8L)


   I've been told by others that I'll never get decent fuel economy out of my 1994 Bronco.  Aerodynamically, its a brick.  It has old technology, and wasn't designed for fuel economy in mind.  However, I know engines nowaday with similar displacement get way better fuel economy than my 5.8.  I've replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap, fuel filter, air filter, and other various "maintenance items".  I've upgraded to the 4 h*** injectors, electric fan, advanced the base timing from 10 to 13.5 (this helped more than anything with +1mpg).  I recently took out the restrictively designed catS, and muffler and upgraded to 3" exhaust with a high-flow converter.  The truck runs flawlessly, doesn't seem to have any problems, but just doesn't want to budge in the fuel economy department.  I know that the biggest way to improve your fuel economy is to change your driving habits, but I drive the same way, same route, and same time every day.  Many people have changed to diesel, and changed major components in their drivetrain, but I feel that I can get better by incorporating some modern-day technologies into my 5.8.  Am I on a wild goose chase?  Thanks for your feedback.

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I think it's a pipe dream. I got a 2006 Jeep Liberty v6. I'll get 16 on the highway and 13 in town. I have hung a lot of armor, winch, duratrac tires and carry recovery and safety equipment. On a trip to Chicago from Vegas I built and ran a air dam like on the Ranger Trucks! built. Didn't make a bit of difference. A brick is a brick no matter what you do to it. 


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