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It's been a while since we've seen a real car movie,bullitt wasrally a car movie though it probably had the most realistic car chase then most movies ,along with the Charger both sweet cars in the chase. the french connction had great chase scene w/out unbelievable stunts.Death race had some interesting cars. does anybody know the name of a race movie a few years old where they race Exotics and rich people bet on them,tim matheson,and eddie griffin are among them.

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Hey Rich whats up ? If i'm correct , the name of the race movie that your asken about is REDLINE & it stars the beautiful Nadia Bjorlin . It's a cool movie .
Like already stated by Ed, the name of the movie is Redline, released in 2007 by Chicago Pictures. If you have Dish Network, on July 7 at 5:40 pm central time on channel 343 you can tape or watch the movie. Enjoy.
Aloha Bobby & Rose was a pretty cool car movie. Had the guy from American Graffitti in it. In Aloha Bobby and Rose he drives a Nasty Camaro. Looks to be part 68-69. There have been some clones of the car made. You can see them on you tube.


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