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The PowerBlock shows have great hosts who know their stuff, and we’re looking for more professionals who can showcase their skills as part of the PowerBlock. If you love working on cars and trucks and have solid automotive skills upload a video of yourself and tell us your story.

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Comment by Andy Matthews on September 1, 2010 at 8:23pm
I'm not ASE certified, but I would like to get the job. I'm tring to go back to school for automotive. I wish there were garages around that could teach or send you through school. I just hope POWERBLOCKTV is a Garage that teaches or send the person through school.
Comment by RacerRick on August 12, 2010 at 10:44am
You guys all put me to shame with your expertise and experience!

I have been building cars for about 20 years now, and so far have only built a few dozen of my own. I have run nitrous, roots blower, gas, alcohol, and am have really been getting into turbos for the past several years!

My two project cars are both turbo charged - one is running a Dart headed, tunnel rammed, Megasquirt EFI 406 sbc with twin GT35's that makes 700hp on pump gas, and the other is the serious motor - a Merlin headed 496 running a pair of S475's that should be streetable, but make 1500+ on good gas.

I do everything but paint and engine machine work (because I don't have the machines to do it!), but I am working on the paint part with some college courses - a great place to get hold of a professional paint booth for little $$$ and some real knowlegable people to help you out.

Living in the rust belt means I get to do lots of rust repair and body work, but I also build roll cages, rear suspenion, full frames, etc. You get to practice your welding after every salt filled winter. I am taking one of these crusty casulties and doing a chassis and floorpan swap - a rare 1957 Canadian Pontiac Pathfinder onto a 94' Caprice 9C1 chassis and floorpan.

If I didn't love doing it, it sure would be a lot of work! At least I get to drive my little 67' Camaro around while I work on the other two. Too bad I sold my road race 80 Z28 - complete with a single turbo small block that I used to do lapping days and Solo II with. I really need to get working on the first car I ever owned though - my 69' Dart!
Comment by Shane Casteel on August 3, 2010 at 9:01am
I'm an A.S.E certified master technician,and I have been doing this for 22 years now. Don't get me wrong I love the old muscle cars,I find it amazeing the power and handling characteristics of the new cars after I'm done with them It's just mind blowing. My main area of expertise is the computer/drivability,wiring,turbo,supercharger and oh yes good old N.O.S. I have a passion for going fast and making a car handle like a million bucks. There is nothing above my reach,give me a mill a lathe and some parts and I can make it fit and perform. I have built so many performance mods I have almost lost track. That's what I do and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by steve robert pok on August 3, 2010 at 12:53am
I've been in the busines, since I was 12! So lets see i've got 33 years of experience under my belt. I've got my own shop in Richmond, B.C Canada, I'm a 1 man shop....well for a couple of years now, my son Ben has been helping me out, he's 12 now going to be13 in august. anyway enough of that, I'm a master machanic, I can paint do bodywork, engine work, electrical ,upholstery, I can basicly do anything u want me to do. I have lots of projects on the go right now I recently did a 1966 for mustang notchback and a 1969 ford mustang mach 1 called Eloise, metalwork for a customer. I personally have a 1965 ford mustang notch back v8 I call "Rat Rod", a 1966 ford mustang notch back 6cyl,1989 ford f-150 extra cab, short box, 4x4 standard, 300ci called big red, a 1974 Jeep Grande Wagoneer, a 1968 ford fairlane 500 xl, a 1977 320i and last but not least my son's 1983 Ford mustang 5.0l 5 speed GT t-top called Holley for projects!! I even have 2 more projects for customers!! the first one is a 1979 VW beetle all custom, I've done all the suspension, brakes, engine work and all I have to do now is the electrical, the second car is a 1964 ford falcon station wagon, it has a custom 302 with custom exaust, custom floor shift and installed two bucket seats from a 1979 mustang now that I finally have space in my shop from getting the customers 1966 mustang out. I can get those two cars electrical work done.
Comment by Dustin Powell on August 1, 2010 at 5:57pm
I've been a professional builder for 12+ years. I have experince in every area of the automotive aftermarket. Fabrication, engine building, forced induction, and automotive wiring and control systems being my strongest areas.
From building a 25.2 chassis and suspension components to large turbo builds, I'm comfortable with any and all fabrication projects. I'm a very experienced TIG and Mig welder.
I've built engines for anything from 1000+hp street cars to high reving road race machines. I can match the components for a given horsepower goal, assemble the engine, and run the chassis dyno after the build is complete.
Nitrous, turbo, or supercharger, I'm familar with all areas of forced induction. I can read compressor maps, size the turbo(s) for the application, and then build the kit. A 2 stage direct port plumbed into a viper intake with propane supplying fuel for the nitrous, I've done it. You need a bracket and cold pipes built for a cog driven F3R in your LSX based street rod, I can do it.
I experienced in many different 12volt wiring systems. I have installed and tuned many different aftermarket standalone systems, FAST Classic and XFI, BS3, TEC2 and TEC3, Holley Commander, and MegaSquirt. I'm also very familiar with many different OEM systems, from early model Batch fire to late model data bus and CAN bus.
I'm comfortable with any build that is sent my way. From a purpose build race car or trail rig to a simple bolt on supercharger kit for your daily driver, I always welcome a new challenge.
Comment by Mike Dylewski on August 1, 2010 at 10:40am
Currently I am a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine technician working for a stand alone diesel engine manufacture. Have been "turning the wrenches" most of my life. Fabrication and four wheel drives are my favorite, but I have experience in engine, manual transmission rebuilds, suspension and front end repair and alignment. Mt recent "project" was for myself and is a 1962 Volkswagen Betel on a 1984 Dodge D50 four wheel drive chassis. Other projects were my own version of a super truck, 1978 Ford standard cab lifted and installed on a 1994 Econoline 1 ton chassis, a 1987 Chevy S-10 with air bag suspension then replaced with hydrolic's , 1987 S-10 extended cab on a standard cab chassis with a customized 4 foot bed. I have also done a Multi port injection V-8 into an S-10 blazer conversion, a V-8 into a Chevy Vega conversion was the first conversion i did and was the first car i owned.
Comment by anthony cilluffo on July 31, 2010 at 9:33pm
It's incredible to be in such a creative and unique field with so many diversified craftsmen, it keeps me on the cutting edge of new ideas and creations. I'm a professional vehicle cutomizer for over 25 years. I'm an expert custom painter, airbrush artist, freehand pinstriper, builder, vocational teacher and fabricator (experienced in full restorations to pro- touring vehicles, frame mods, remanufacturing parts, mig and tig welding aluminum and steel, smc, plastic and fiberglass, engine builds and suspension upgrades). My work has been featured in over 100 international magazines the latest being August 2010 Easyrider cover bike, some Television presentations, one vehicle was reproduced into Johnny Lightning die cast car. I designed and applied a Dodge Viper prototype paint scheme for a Magazine editor and Chrsler Corp. which went into production. I worked on several race teams in NHRA, IHRA, Nascar ARCA, Vintage Road, Monster trucks and mud/ swamp racing; "Great 8 Award" in Detriot's Autorama taking 3 "Best of" awards. Clients include Anheiser Busch, DeWalt, Dzus fasteners, Chrysler Corp., Kawaski maufacturing, Megapower additives and over 20 pro atheletes (Including Darrel Strawberry, Joe Jeravicious, Dwight Goodan, Jerome Brown, Winston Moss, to name a few. Thank you for an incredible opportunity for all of us to be able to apply. My best to all. Visit more pics on my sight.

Comment by Jeremy Carl Smith on July 25, 2010 at 10:07pm
Can't wait to get my portfolio in the hands of Jim Cozzie and the crew. Good luck to everyone who's fighting for this once in a lifetime, dream job. I do it all. Engine building, paint and body work, electrical diagnostics, suspension, brakes...seems like a great fit for me, so let's see what happens!
Comment by James patton on July 24, 2010 at 1:57pm
I Am Versatile in all aspects of Mechanics except Bodywork or Painting,Welding,Engines,Drive-train and Electrical Never Met a Vehicle I Couldn't Fix!
Comment by James patton on July 24, 2010 at 10:38am
I Have Built or Re-Built almost Every Engine Out There From a 1929 Farmall Tractor to All Late Model Domestic and Foreign Models I am Very Mechanically Inclined Just Give Me a Chance I Dont Like Body work But Can Do Everything Else!

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