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Ok, here it is. Buddies and I were talking and were trying to figure out how to put a Dana 44 front axle under the rear so we could steer like a monster truck. Well we could not figure out the rotation thing.
I got one buddy saying that all you need to do is just mount it. Even with the pinon facing the t-case it will move the thing forward.
I got another buddy saying you would need to flip the axle and then swap the knuckles left to right in order to get proper rotation and the linkage out of the dirt.
Who is right? I need to know since I got 20 bucks riding on this one. I am desperate for an answer.

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I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but I'll say it any way for the people looking. On an axle like a Dana it must be flipped over and the knuckles swapped and flipped, not because of the steering but because the ball joints/king pins will also be upside down. same goes for most other axles except Rockwells, with those you can flip the third member around.


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