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Anyone have any suggestions or know how on how to make the electrical under hood not so vulnerable to water when 4wheelin.

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run it throw pvc pipe or buy a lot of heat srink
i wouldn't worry about that too much. the only thing electrical you should worry about is your starter, battery, and alternator. all the other wires will be fine under water or getting splashed. just make sure none of them touch or power touch ground.
Also you need to put silacone on you distributer cap to keep the water out. also they make a jelly type stuff that you can put in the end of you spark plug wires to keep the from corroding if you get them wet and it gives them better connectivity.

silacone works unless you own a dodge with a vent on top of the distribuer cap like Mine has. If you block off the vent it will get moisture in it and not run. I have seen people use the bottom of gatoraid bottle before if there is room. I was gonna do that but my plug wires wont allow me to. I still dont have it water proofed.

w d 40  lots of stands for water displacemant  


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