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does anyone know if you can install mufflers without upgrading the air intake or have the ecm remapped? i have been told different things by friends and dealerships,such as if you dont upgrade the other parts the engine will overheat and run too lean causing engine damage.

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I work at a Harley shop with four Master Techs.  According to them you can put on new mufflers without upgrading the intake or remapping the ecm.  It won't hurt anything but it won't help performance at all.
i contacted my  local dealers service department and they said it depends on the type of mufflers installed.i told them they were vance and hines straight shot hs,and they said that i will need a fuel pak and an air intake upgrade because that will make it run too lean.i have 14k + invested in my streetbob.

That's just a ploy to get you to buy more parts. You don't need to change anything else if you want to swap out slip on mufflers, it won't hurt a thing. Now they do suggest you do a stage 2 with an air intake upgrade and a fuel pak, but only if you change the air intake and have already changed slip ons will it make the bike run leaner without a fuel pak.


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