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Hello Guys,

Now this is going to be my first custom project, when I was 15 I started redoing my 65 fastback 2+2 mustang until it was finished and my parents made me sell it because it was a pure hoss, my point being I'm not new to working on cars.  The ranger raptor project I want to start on would be a newer model ranger I'd say somewhere in the 2000's era, extended cab, 6 speed manual trans, 4x4.  All the body work meaning just the fenders, hood, bumper, and besides I am going to redo with fiberglass.  My one question is to power this miniature beast, I wanted to use Ford's new ecoboost 3.5L twin turbo V6 that is in the taurus.  The block is simple its a 24V DOHC engine, my question becomes the fuel delivery system and the PCM that controls how the engine runs, I cant use the taurus PCM because its for a car, neither can I use the old ranger PCM because it will make the engine run terrible.  So my basic question now that you have all the details on my idea is what direction should I move in and what do you think it would cost.
Really excited to get started on this.

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Why would you not use the Taurus PCM? The PCM doesnt care what the body looks like. Best to get everything you can off the Taurus.

The Eco-Boost is also used in the F-150, the Flex and the Explorer. Any of those PCMs should work just fine if you use the donor vehicle's wiring harness. There are aftermarket harnesses as well, though I don't know what the cost would be. With the factory harness, the PCM will "relearn" what to do as far as controlling the engine.My personal choice would be to use the F-150 version, specifically one from a 4X4, since the Ranger's original drivetrain is not FWD as in the Taurus/Flex/Explorer. There are AWD versions of at least the Explorer which would work, but it would seem to me that the F-150 would provide a simpler swap with less fabrication required to make everything fit. You could even use the F-150's 6-speed automatic if you wanted to instead of trying to mate a manual to the Eco-Boost.

That's my 2¢,


Ok that sounds like a great idea but in any of the projects i have worked on make sure that you don't have to get the computer reflashed. If you don't have all the parts when you make the swap the engine will not run. When you turn the key the computer looks for all kinds of various parts and if does not find one of them it will not start no matter what you do. Or you  have to trick the computer into thinking it is there.

my two cents worth lol


I think you should use the Taurus PCM since that is the engine it was designed for. It will "learn the new setup after about 2-3 days of driving. You will also need the cabling to go with it so all the sensors get proper connection.



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