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I have a 2000 F150 5.4 2wd with a 4r70w 4spd auto trans with no reverse. I have a junkyard trans to go in but am having a few problems getting the old trans out.

  The first problem I ran into was the exhaust. I dont think the tailshaft is going to clear the crossover from the drivers side so dropping the trans is going to be a problem. I tried to unbolt the exhaust from the manifolds but the bolts wont budge and im afraid im going to snap the studs. As Im doing this job in my driveway I dont have the luxery of having the truck any more than about 30 inches off the concrete so space is tight and trying to replace exhaust studs will be a major job as well. Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.

 My second problem is with the trans crossmember. There are 3 bolts on each end of the crossmember going horizontally through the frame. I tried to loosen these bolts today but had no luck. First i tried a 14mm socket but it was too small so I tried a 15mm and its too big. I remembered how american automakers like to keep us on our toes and use standard and metric bolts so I thought this was the case, but not so. I tried a 9/16 socket but it was too small so I tried a 5/8 and it was too big. The only size I can think of is a 19/32 but I dont even own one of those and havent seen one in years. If I gotta go out and buy one im ok with that but I just want to know what i need before I get to the tool store and look like an idiot.

 If there are any other tips or advice anyone can give to make this job easier it would be greatly appreciated. I am handicapped and crawling around under my vehicle is hard enough on me and since I havent really been working on cars newer than about 1990, im really not up on all the new proceedures for working on cars. Thanks in advance.

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HEY Bruce. Don't know about the bolt size but you can check with a tech at your local Ford store and he will probably be glad to tell you if it is a special tool (which ford is known for) or what size. go buy a can or two of the new WD-40 with the "YELLOW" top there are two types but get the one that says "Rust Release Penatrent Spray". Doesn't take a lot but leave it a while and try it. That stuff is amazing. I have used it on every nut and bolt on my 72 Gran Torino Sport. Spray some on every bolt wait a while and spray again. Wait and do it again if needed. It will even creep up threads.

Hope this helps.


You might google bolt size for your cross member and see what comes up.




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