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what informanition is needed to hook up TPI. I have a running 350 carb engine. I have a intake, TPI, and a dist. I have no wire harness or comp. Dont know what the year is of the TPI. I an installing this into a 38 coupe with a 700R4.

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Hey Greg,
To b honest I cant help u personally but theres an outfit in Mena Ar. called Street and Performance that should be right up your alley. They use GM computers and can do custom programming for you too. They even make accessory drive setups for all kinds of tight engine bays which probly includes your 38. If youve leafed thru many street rod publications youve probly seen some of their drive setups. Go to to get an idea of what they have. Good luck
Painless makes a wiring harness for exactly what you're trying to do. I also have a buddy who knows all about tpi systems that i will direct here to help you with your questions.
Hey greg, im going to the same journey as WE TYPE.. the only difference is im using in a 64 impala ss. from what i can gather, you need the following; electric fuel pump from summit ( $80.00) painless wiring harness( $300.00) fuel hard lines ( im using brake lines) fuel sending unit modified to aceppt return line, pump relay, 1 oxygen sensor ( only require 1 for tpi) computer and ( if an 85 model, some little thing that looks like a computer) { the 1985-89 tpi's have a cold start injector on the drivers side of the plenum, } "JUST IN CASE" someone changed the plenum back in the day, you can look at the center of the plenum and the 85-89 have the ridges go about 3" away from the throttle body VS the 90-92 are about 6" away and they no longer use the cold start injector or maf ( they use a map system and are more commonly found on hotrods and custom machines because you can install the airfilter right at the throttle body) I hope i helped.. BTW, im thinking of ordering a book from SA thats for TPI swapping, ( $42.00, not sure it that might help either 1 of us) and you can also contact STREET AND PERFORNMANCE in mena. Goodluck!!
He hit the nail right on the head. IMPALA builder and Scott said similar stuff. IMPALA builder is absolutely right.
TPI is cool, but its a pain to convert to, Stuff you will have to decide- what year intake manifold your are planning to use, stock tpi manifolds will not bolt up to vortec heads, and 87 and up differ from the rest due to the angle of the intake bolts, then you have the cold start injector, plus you have to decide if you are going to run a MAF or Speed Density system. The main problem I found with TPI is that a stock plenum is saturated with air at 4500 rpm, remember GM never designed this system with 350 ci in mind. Large Cams will work with Speed Density systems, but remember tpi is for torque not horsepower so pic a cam with 5500rpm max in mind with no more than 230 degrees duration. The cam I had in mine was a edlebrock, it had 244 degrees duration at .050, i have ported heads and plenum, bored out Throttle body (stock bore size is 48mm, mine is 53.5 mm maximum sized before you go through the casting-- but when I bored mine out I paid close attention and cut the butterflies with less clearance than stock, if i could go back I would not do this, and I tig welded the upper vacuum port, it helped a little but not really worth all the trouble) plus free flowing exhaust.. Arizona Speed and Marine, Street and Performance, PCM's for less all of these places can hook you up with the computer. My advice is that if you are ever planning to build a TPI engine that makes more than 350 hp go with the Holley Stealth Ram.. It flows way better than the stock unit.. When you start on your fuel system, dont waste your time with the 155lph pump, get a Walbro 255lph, get the largest diameter fuel line you can run and get a good Fuel pressure Regulator, my 87 TPI ran about 44 psi, my 91 TPI ran north of 49psi.. TPI engines typically run better with 55-60 psi fuel pressure. If I were doing this on a budget, I would pic a Speed density setup, use the small cap remote coil distributor and for a healthy 350, better just put a set of 30 lbs/hr injectors in it (you can find those in olds quad 4 engines, 36lb hour are in the GTP s/c 3.8's and if your really goin for the gold I've found 42 lb/hr inj in mazda Rotary) just remember that larger injectors are not always needed, and when you switch up to them you need to have the computer tuned to run them, it WILL run without being tuned but it will be unpredictable, and run rich. Oh and when it comes time for exhaust, be sure to hunt down a set of Lt-1 exhaust manifolds, theyre cast tubular headers that bolt right up and allow you a bit more power over stock tpi exhaust manifolds plus easy installation and a b*** to put the O2 sensor in..If you want a better cheaper way, another route is to snag a TPI intake off an Lt-1 and have the back machined to allow a distributor to drop in, you will have to drill out the intake bolts h***s(center) and i cant remember but there are a few more mods(cooling) that must be done to run on a GEN I sbc.. The advantage to this is that its short runners allow 6500rpm plus power, its identical to the TPIS's mini-ram (which is like over 800 bucks).. Man, ive been rambling on here for a bit, sorry, Im not trying to be D*** Britannica about TPI.. If you need more info or have questions holler at me or Will Burton..
1 more thing, 91-92 are speed density, and the SA books are nice if you have to chase wiring issues, if you order one, get it used off ebay- a lot cheaper..


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