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Just wondering what would everyones dream project is. MIne would have to be a 1949-1955 ford pickup. it would be a resto/mod with a ford bigblock, thats as far as ive gotten so far lol

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A basket case Pantera! Build it from the ground up.

A 1975 Toyota Celica GT with a 350 and 4 speed. 3/4ton posi rear end. exhaust stacks out the hood. Got the motor and rear end in and ran outta cash so sold both and scraped the car. Sad day.

My first favorite project was a 1967 Mustang I built from the frame up, next would be my current project a slightly custom 1995 GMC Suburban 2500 4x4. However, my ultimate favorite project would be to find and built a late 40's to early 50's GM or Ford panel truck. The flow of that era body style for the panel delivery truck was just so smooth. Anyone know where I could find one cheap?

33/34 Ford 3 window coupe. Blown 426 Hemi, fenderless, chopped, chrome Jag IRS


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