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Hi, I'm new here and I am just looking for a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm restoring my 1959 Ford F-250, but it has been really dificult to find parts anywhere, any help would be great, I need from some body parts to engine, brakes and suspension, also any kind of tips on upgrades, such as power brakes, power steering etc, Thanks in advance!!

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hey im Gabriel, go to lmc trucks, Summit racing, ok for parts engines and stuff like that

Thanks Gabriel, I checked those places, but they don't have the body parts I need, for instance, my right front fender has some damage on top of the wheel well, they sell only the rear or front quarter pieces for the fender, but Thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry, Mitch. I got the name wrong.

I know were 58 or 59 is at here in Alabama but don't know if he will sell or sell part's off it  but I can ask and see if I can get some Info.

Check out:

Classic Ford Trucks

Call Riff. His information is on the first page. Tell him Steve from Indianapolis sent you. If you want to upgrade suspension check out:

Steve's Build

Yep it's my truck. What I have done can be done on your truck just as easily. If you are near Indianapolis I might even stopby and help you out with it.

Thanks Steve, very cool truck you've got, and Thanks for the website, I'll be calling Riff and pick his brain about some parts, good thing for me he's in Nevada and I live in Northern Arizona, so if I can find what I need for good prices I'll take a trip and go get them, Thanks again!


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