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Ok, here it is. Buddies and Iwere talking and were trying to figure out how to put a Dana 44 front axle under the rear so we could steer like a monster truck. Well we could not figure out the rotation thing.
I got one buddy saying that all you need to do is just mount it. Even with the pinon facing the t-case it will move the thing forward.
I got another buddy saying you would need to flip the axle and then swap the knuckles left to right in order to get proper rotation and the linkage out of the dirt.
Who is right? I need to know since I got 20 bucks riding on this one.

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It is so ez put the diff. on 2 jack stands like it would be in the jeep and turn the wheels
and see the way the pinon turns. Hope that helps. RED
also see which way the drive shaft rotates also
We have been trying to figure this out on paper, kinda thing, since none of us have an axle sitting around, nor do we have anyplace to really do any major work on our rigs right now. This is just something we have been debating for quite awhile and I was in hopes of finally settling it.
Look to see if both of the drive shafts that are on your Jeep turn to the left or to the right when you move it the way
it is right now. When you know that you will know if you just put a front akle in the back it will or will not turn the right
way. If both of the driveshafts turn the same, I am sure that just turning the front axel around will not work.
Let me know when you find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RED
Heard from a guy who is supposed to have done a few of these, and according to him both front and rear drive shafts turn the same at the pinion end. In other words, the axle "sees" the rotation as the same direction, and so all you need to do is mount the front axle as if it was a rear and the rotation will be right. Would still need to probably need to adjust knuckles to get proper caster, but rotation is supposed to be the correct. Since my Jeep is not running (or moving right now) I can't verify this. But as I understand things, this guy has built a couple of buggies done just that with the axles, so I guess he knows what he is talking about.

Thanks everyone for the replies. They have been most helpful.


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