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I saw your 455 Oldsmobile build.

Would love to see what you could do with my Original Olds 330, yes I said 330 4/bbl

My car is a movie car from the 2009 Rob Schneider (SNL) movie American Virgin hand autographed by the Star.

I can not post pictures for some reason

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Me with the car
The car in the movie.

And me with the star of the movie Saturday Night Lives Rob Schneider.


More pics of Lo' Red the car from the 2009 Movie American Virgin


the precursor to the 350 ci
this is the 330 4/bbl

Hey Denis. That's an awesome looking car. Have you done any mods in it? That's cool that you posted it here.

dropped that double snorkel I made on it. Also check out the radio video. Turn it on it's FM. Turn it off and back on it's AM radio. Looking to rebuild/boost the motor soon.
thanks for your interest John


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