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I've been trying to find addresses to send a letter to whoever is in charge of projects and whatnot on the power nation TV shows. Can't think of any other ways to get my wheelchair van fixed – I cannot work on it being paralyzed in the shoulders down and all. Can someone please help me??

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My wheelchair van Has huge rust holes and the lift does not work anymore, have to do it manually. I can't see anything outside while in van so I have no clue what the city's like anymore I have not seen things in over 8 years. Then moving on to the side of my wheelchair... I feel instantly embarrassed and depressed as soon as I am put in my wheelchair. I wanted to customize it, hoping that would help. Been trying to look for wheels for it that are more customized and doesn't look like every other power wheelchair. There are endless things for manual chairs but did not find a single thing for power wheelchairs. I know it's a weird size, 8" x 2.16" or something close to that. Thinking maybe someone could make them but wouldn't even know where to start. Anyways, can someone help answer the initial question?? Please?? Thank you


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